Show Up

Show Up

A wise old prophet once said, “The first secret of success is showing up.”  Ok.  It wasn’t exactly a wise old prophet.  It was Woody Allen, and he said it was 80% of life.  But close enough.  Showing up matters, and sometimes you just have to commit to doing it. I’ve never regretted showing up, but I’ve certainly regretted skipping out. 

What should I teach them, Coach?

Focusing on things they can’t control will lead to frustration and reduce their results.

What a valuable lesson this is for us as leaders, as salespeople, or as friends. So often we focus on the behaviors of others, which we cannot control, and become paralyzed by our frustration over the fact that they are not behaving as we wish. This focus is at the expense of the things we can control; our own activity.

Learning from Mimi.

Some of the best invitations to share that allow us to earn valuable insights are ‘tell me about…’, ‘walk me through…’, and ‘help me understand…’ Using these invitations allows our prospects to share freely with us. If we use the information we gain effectively and wisely they too will tell us at the proposal review “I love it! It’s exactly what we wanted.”