It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Truly, nothing can touch the Magic of Christmas. Most everyone is filled with hope – even if just a little bit – at this time of year and that hope makes us happier. It can even fill us with joy. This most wonderful time of the year also creates increased pressures, demands on our time, and feelings of frustration and anxiety.


For those in the business world, the demands on our time mean balancing the many holiday party invitations with the needs of family and friends. We have viewed at least two or three scenes in movies of holiday parties gone wrong. Many of us that are of a certain age have also witnessed some of these tragically embarrassing scenes play out in real life. For a misfortunate few, we may have even been the subject of the bad behavior (not me, of course). 


Here are a few tips to make the most of your fun times this party season:

1.       Don’t overdrink. Noting leads to embarrassment faster than drinking too much alcohol. Your inhibitions are lowered and your ability to make horrendous decisions exponentially expands. Even if there is an open bar, exercise prudence and do not over drink. You will not regret it. You will, however, regret the horrendous decision you make as a result of over indulging.


2.       In the words of “Dandy” Don Meredith, ‘dance with the girl that brung you’. I have witnessed people become too friendly with others at parties and upset both of the individuals’ significant others. I know of one senior executive who essentially destroyed his career because of his behavior at a company holiday party. You can never repair the reputation you took years to build and minutes to destroy. And yes, they were both guilty of over drinking.


3.       Maintain your professionalism. Although the environment may be relaxed, you are still in a professional environment. This means you still must practice decorum and not become too familiar. As they said in Funny Girl, “when you’re a stranger, you should act a little strange.” Taking a stop to becoming overly familiar may end up damaging a relationship much more than it can help.

holiday photo.jpg

I hope you enjoy a safe and joy-filled Christmas and develop many relationships in the days ahead. Avoid the mistakes above and you will also maintain your good reputation!

Bill Talerico, President & Founder of Talerico Group, enjoys the holidays with his family, friends, and clients, as well as his faith community, spreading holiday cheer through philanthropic and volunteer work.  Join us in giving through the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, click the “Give Now” button below.