Managers can grow too!

What distinguishes great managers is that they are able to adapt their management style to suit each person they manager, their team, their organization, and the situations they encounter. Are you a great manager? Do you want to become one?


 Case Study:

Lauren, the President of a Board of Directors responsible for positively influencing the Pittsburgh Region, reached out to us for facilitating a strategic planning and professional development experience for her team.  She had experienced success in leading this Board, but she was aware of what Strengths coaching had meant for her, and she wanted to bring this experience to her team.  Lauren had a couple of 1:1 coaching sessions, and saw positive correlation between her performance and applying her talents in particular days.  Talerico Group facilitated a one-day workshop onsite and led the Board through Strengths-based team building, and later, facilitated strategic planning. 


In Lauren’s own words,

“I was always interested in those self-assessments, but it wasn’t until I started working with Holly in individual sessions that it clicked—if this is helping me be better, what could it do for my team?  It is asking a lot for them to give up time for coaching and the one-day workshop, but the investment helped us move from being a good organization to becoming one that executes with excellence.”

Lauren succeeded in doing what many managers forget—she followed up with providing 1:1 coaching experiences with each member of the Board—at least once, so that they might be able to positively apply their own talents towards their role and the work they are responsible for accomplishing.  Lauren showed her leadership and proved that she cared. 


We are looking for small groups of managers who want to discover, or re-discover and invest in their talents to enhance their leadership capacity to drive winning results through their unique strengths and character as they motivate and inspire those they lead. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? We have successful experience in coaching and supporting individuals in this way, and we recognize that expanding this opportunity provides something more for people-leaders who manage other-- the ability to leverage their unique power and edge and change the lives of those they lead.


Strengths-based management aims to help employees discover, develop, and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity. This approach helps employees identify how they can purposefully aim their talents so that team members, both individually and collectively, are better equipped to accomplish their goals and performance objectives as they respond to everyday situations.” (Gallup, 2018).


We invite managers and people leaders who want to increase speed to solutions and commitment to execution to join us for a 1-day workshop at Talerico Group in Mt. Lebanon, with the expectation that we will develop a winning recipe for success, including DISC Behaviors and CliftonStrengths, along with a follow up individual coaching session.  Presented on March 21, by Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches, Holly McIlwain and Ricky Mathews.


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