The Success of our Clients Speaks Volumes.

Sales Effectiveness

Our client, Massaro Corporation, had won 3 of the 18 opportunities they pursued in the quarter prior to working with us. Upon our engagement with the leadership team at Massaro we quickly realized that they had one of the most thorough and well developed sales processes we had ever encountered. All that was missing from the process were some minor tweaks that produce huge impact. With the few additional steps we added to the sales process we were able to help the Massaro team close 14 of the next 17 opportunities they pursued. This engagement clearly illustrated the impact and importance of one of our foundational principles - Clear Next Steps. Give us a call to learn how Clear Next Steps are very different than next steps and how they can help your sales team dramatically increase closing ratios and reduce sales cycles.

“In the quarter prior to working with The Talerico Group we closed four of eighteen opportunities we pursued. Bill reviewed our sales process and offered some tweaks and then coaching. In the quarter following our engagement we won fourteen of the seventeen opportunities we pursued. It was not a coincidence.”

- Steven Massaro, CEO

 Talent Acquisition

We have worked with a leading technology provider to attract experienced, proficient sales talent to the steadily growing team. Through our engagement with this client we have been able to hire and onboard 6 new sales representatives over a seven month period. The involvement of the sales leadership team has been minimal because of the Talerico approach and process. We manage solicitation and initial engagement with prospective new hires throughout the process and only present candidates to our client who are ready for final interviews and who have proven they can succeed in the role. Leveraging the Objective Management Group assessments, we are able to quickly identify candidates who are “Recommended” and weed out those who are “Not Recommended.”  Data shows that 94% of Recommended Candidates are in the top half of the sales force within one year while 75% of those who are not recommended and hired anyways will fail inside of six months. During the seven month window of the project we screened 242 candidates, interviewed 86, and ultimately provided our client with 14 candidates to interview. The time savings for our client has been tremendous and they have been able to identify incredible talent.


Leadership Development

We have been working with Schneider Downs & Co., a Professional Services Firm that was recently rated as a Top 20 National Firm based on Client Surveys. Our engagement with this exceptional organization has resulted in greater client engagement and service, increased growth, and rapid development of emerging leaders. We have been fortunate to help develop the last seven shareholders over the past three years. Additionally we have been able to work closely with many of the current shareholder team for ongoing Executive Coaching and Development.


Professional Forum - Peer Group

The Peer Group, of Forum is a place for professionals to gather in an ongoing, confidential environment to build relationships, capacity, and to explore new areas of business with like-minded people spanning across various fields, expertise, and backgrounds.  A one year commitment is required for all members.  The mission of the Women’s Forum is to dedicate our attention to provide all members with the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level, and to cultivate an environment conducive to professional advancement and development.

Working with Jeff McGraw and Bill Talerico in the Peer Group program was very valuable and insightful. As a business owner, you tend to get bogged down working “in” the business as opposed to working “on” the business.

Jeff and Bill created a safe, open and nurturing environment where any topic was appropriate for discussion with a small, select group of like-minded business owners.

The experience with the group helped me put my journey in the business world in perspective on so many levels, both personally and professionally.
— -Maggie Fleming, President & CEO
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